3 approaches



The Mask Collective is interested in the role of mask cultures in societies, from remote villages of Africa to European megacities. We explore the connection between masks and their social environment. How did mask cultures passed through time and how will they evolve in the future?



There are many artist who worked creating and using masks, from a mere aesthetic aspect to a more conceptual approach. It’s a subject still present in the contemporary art scene, often connected with the idea of identity. The Mask Collective collaborates with artists from all round the world, working in all kind of disciplines.



Only a small group of people in society is connected directly with mask related activities, opening this culture to the participation of others can offer new and interesting points of view. That’s why we have developed participatory projects, activities where the art of creating a mask is open to everyone, from kids to the elderly, from schools to hospitals, passing by museums and art centers.

3 means of diffusion



Wether they bring together a variety of artists or focus on just one, exhibitions give voice to artists. They offer the chance to discuss and arise questions about identity, share different artistic practices to other cultures and expand the perception of  masks in the contemporary world. For this reason, exhibitions are one of the greatest way to spread our work.



Combining different formats such as lectures, workshops, film projections and performances, our events are designed to connect mask artists and specialists straight with the general public. The inclusion of workshops among the activities helps to generate a more proactive atmosphere, giving the audience the chance of being part of the project as creators. our events



Internet offers infinite possibilities of gathering information about any subject, including masks, but it is often hard to find information and art with a certain quality. Through our website and our presence in social networks, we provide our own videos and features organized in a clear way, so people can find and enjoy a useful and clear idea about the mask culture we want to spread.

3 resources available



We are producing interviews with artists, documentaries about mask societies and covering our events. Each video is produced in full HD, is between 2 and 15 minutes long and is subtitled in English, French and Spanish. Youtube channel 


network of creators

The Mask Collective brings together a network of artists and other art collectives working with masks. These are listed in the website by disciplines and regions and including a showcase of their work, a description and short biography, apart of their contact information 


people’s masks

Masks created during the workshops are way to portrait a certain class or group of people: older people from Catalonia, children of Burkina Faso, Berlin artists. Observing their creations, their masks, is another way to see and understand these groups. see more 

a worldwide project