Open mask workshops during the Mask Project // Paris Berlin Dédougou

Creating a mask during a workshop, a 3 steps process

1. the participant draws a mask with the help of a guide with the different zones of the mask

2. the drawing is captured via a camera or a scanner, edited on a computer, and sent through the internet to the location where it will be projected

3. the picture received is copied onto the projector’s internal memory and
projected on the digital mask

process simple

The diagram below represents the full system to be implemented during the FESTIMA. The masks created during the workshops in Berlin, Paris and Dédougou will be projected in Berlin, Paris and Dédougou.

process festival V2

Create a virtual mask from your place!

Creating a mask is creating a character

The wealth of masks cultures comes from what lies beyond the mask. Narration, staging, choreography, costume, are deeply connected to the art of mask . Creating a mask is creating a character that integrate itself into an environment.

The first step to create a virtual mask  is imagining a character with its characteristics, a temper, a story, a silhouette…

How to create a virtual mask?

To create a virtual mask, you need to first print the layout of the mask (right click and then save as) and then draw your mask on tracing paper (or directly on the printed layout). Any technique can be used: drawing, painting, collage or even sculpture. Once the mask is finished, take a picture or scan it. You can also make the virtual mask only on computer with a drawing or a video program. Once the virtual mask is finished please send it to the following address

1dessin (1)

1dessin (3)

1dessin (5)


The virtual mask (still picture or video) must :

– mesure more than 1920 x 1080 pixels
– weight less than 200mo (use to transfer big files)
– show the limits of the layout for a better projection

The email must contain :

– your name or pseudo
– the city where you live
– the virtual mask that you created
– Information on the character of the mask: story, temper, etc.