44flavours is an art and design collective, based in Kreuzberg-Berlin. It is run by Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle. The duo have been working together for a decade strong, developing unconventional analogue typography, and finding creative ways to smuggle art inspired contraband into commercial branding and communications. The objective of the studio is to deliver excellent work, regardless of the profile of the client or the market scope of the project at hand.44flavours value honesty, transparency, spontaneity, creative chaos, team work, a good sense of humor, a lightness of spirit, yo-yo and table tennis prowess, as well as a client’s courage to experiment and to be different. Their roots are firmly planted in graffiti, yet they’re often heard dismissing the current wave of street art as pure hype. They run a highly successful design bureau, exhibit in museums, and even teach kids how to make beautiful installations and through this how to enjoy this thing called art. Participated to the Mask Show, Neurotitan, Berlin 2014 Contact : http://www.44flavours.com/