Beatriz Crespo is a French / Spanish intellectual that switches between fields and media to convey the result of her work; being those, among others: poetry, essay, artistic installation, ambience, performance and visual art. Being raised both in the scientific knowledge (industrial design diploma) and the artistic one, at the ascetic and animist land of Castilla, this mysterious dualism has been always present in her life.

The work of Beatriz is usually multilayered and can be read from very different mental angles. She assumes art as the path written while thinking, researching and understanding the human being, society and their interactions. Playing with all the aspects of the object-artistic piece, one of the most important is the dialogue that take place between art and visitor-reader. Therefore, most of her pieces endowed of that animist circumstance, reveal themselves only after some time with the public, changing her discourse in dependance with the progression of the time or the different environmental conditions (changes of light, temperature, or angle of vision etc). Transexistencialism, intellectual animal and the topography of the soul are some of her fields of research. The dualism of the concepts and symbolic use of materials and space are a key concept on her artistic practice.

Participated in the Mask Show, Neurotitan, Berlin 2014