Lenin Ortega (Colombia 1980) is a professional graphic designer, he also made studies in motion graphics and documentary filmmaking. He has worked in his own country in virtual education pioneer projects and multimedia. On the other hand Lenin always has been involved in independent projects of artistic creation, like sculpture, digital photography, video and animation. Those creations led him to work from 2002 to 2004 in the International book fair of Bogotá and exhibit in the 9th National Academic Art Hall with “Amalgama” (animal bone and cold porcelain) in 2005. He has also exhibited in the 4th National Art Hall of Bogotá and in the Modern Art Museum of Bogotá, and participated in festivals like Festival Hop, Bideodromo and Doculens in Spain and Festival Mórbido in Mexico.

Nowadays he lives in Madrid – Spain, where he is developing various projects that combine literature, sculpture and video. This fusion led him to create more complex situations and characters, giving a particular sight of the society.

Participated in the Mask Show, Neurotitan, Berlin 2014

Contact: http://www.leninortega.com/