Washo Valenzuela lives and works in Germany since 2006. After studying Fine Arts in Ecuador, Free Art (HfBK) in Dresden and pedagogy in Leipzig he moved to Berlin. He considers part of his work has a very personal background connected with political motivations. Apart of drawings, watercolor paintings and films he also experiments with installations with a less intimate approach. He considers himself a witness of the everydayness and works constantly in adding diverse elements that helps in the connection of different societies, building imaginary bridges, making possible the dialog between cultures that are far away from each other.

In his films “El funsionamiento de la diversidad” or “Minga” he made a work of exchanging perspectives between Ecuador and Germany. And he is currently developing the projects “Correo comunal” and “Konstakt” to participate in “Signs of the city” from Urban Dialogues, by pairing life experiences from the inhabitants of two different social context such as Berlin and Quito.

Participated in the Mask Show, Neurotitan, Berlin 2014